The Abel of Hertford Solo

As mentioned in my previous post, I am part of the Hertford Art Trail and am excited to announce that I am currently exhibiting at the Abel of Hertford Estate Agents. The exhibition will be on from 6th April until 5th May 2019. The map below shows the different artists that will be taking part. I am number 17 on the map.

The Abel Estate Agents is a modern, friendly business. The decor consists of blue and pink shades which compliments my work perfectly. I am exhibiting my pieces “She Sells Sea Shells”, “Gold, Gold, Always believe in your Soul”, “Pearls of Great Price”, and my newest sculpture “Chanel Bag”.

With Thanks to Those at Courtyard Arts.

Opening night of the Arts Trail at Hertford Castle!

As part of the Hertford Arts Festival, Artists get the chance to exhibit their work at Hertford Castle as part of the Grand opening.

Hertford Arts Trail is a celebration of local artists within the county. Over 30 artists are exhibiting in local businesses and I was lucky enough to be chosen to take part.

The Opening night was amazing and the castle was beautiful as usual. I was luckily enough to give a short talk about my work to guests. I exhibited my piece “Does Matte Suit Me?” which conveys the different attitudes within the class system. More specifically the different attitudes on what is considered a luxury and a necessity within different classes.

Degree Show!




My journey as a student has come to an end and I am opening up a new chapter of my life as a freelance artist.