“Chanel Bag”, Salt Dough and Resin, 2019
“Working- with- Class”, Bread and lipstick on canvas, 2018
“Rather a Bitter Truth Than a Sweet Lie”, Chocolate and Footballs, 2018
“All that Glitters is Not Gold 2”,  Lustre Sprayed Bread, 2018
“All that Glitters is Not Gold 1”,  Lustre Sprayed Bread, 2018
“Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat Close Up”, Mixed Media, 2017
“Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat”, Mixed Media, 2017 ( Installation View)

“Food for Thought”, Mixed Media, 2017
“From Pillar to Post”, Bread on Metal Rod, 2017
“Those Without Status Remain Unseen”, Watermelon, 2017
“Catch ones Death”,  Duvet Cover and Plaster, 2017